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Art Workshops  with Lorraine Auton

Lorraine is available to do workshops which show her painting techniques to art groups within reasonable distance of Norwich. 

Previous workshop locations include Cley NWT, Great Plumstead and Aldborough.

Please contact her by email via for further details.

Workshop given at Aldborough Art Group

Please note that all classes/workshops at The Studio Above take place on the FIRST floor, only accessed by stairs.

Events, Classes and Workshops


Art classes with Lorraine Auton are designed to explore and develop art techniques. Each session has a different focus so anyone can join in at any time. Classes are flexible and tailored to the individual needs of the participants. Most materials are provided and complimentary tea/coffee is available during the session.

Identical lessons are run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights each week so you can choose which night suits you best for the group of sessions.

Cost per session: £5 deposit in advance to cover planning and materials. £5 on the night for the tutoring.

Please contact Lorraine in advance to book a place via


Please contact Lorraine by email via to register your interest in any of her forthcoming workshops.

She will then contact you with further details nearer the time. No deposits are being taken until then.

Tutors check our

bookings page for availability

Calling All Tutors and Event Leaders

The Studio Above is ready for classes, workshops and meetings to be held here.

Please visit The Studio Above page to find out more and for booking procedures.



1pm to 4:30pm

POSTPONED - new date to be arranged

Swallows at Thurne Workshop   with Lorraine Auton 

Using gouache on artboard, this step-by-step workshop will guide you to produce an image reminiscent of a 1920's railway poster.  We will look at crisp, flat areas of colour which should create striking designs portraying a simplified mill window and darting swallows.

Individual help and guidance with the technique given so this workshop will suit most abilities.

Maximum of 10 places. 

All materials and hot drinks/cake are included.

Cost: £40

(£25 deposit required beforehand)


5/6/7th Sept

7pm to 9pm

 Autumn Leaves with Lorraine Auton

Session 1

Use acrylic paints to create a simple but effective and striking portrayal of coloured leaves in a more illustrative, graphic style.


12/13/14th Sept

7pm to 9pm

 Realism or Fantasy? with Lorraine Auton

Session 2

Starting with a short exercise to help imagination, we will then look at devices used by surrealist and fantasy artists. As this may not be for everyone, using a pen and wash technique choose to EITHER use photographic references of roots and twisted trees as a base for a more realistic piece OR try your own twist on reality to create a dreamlike composition.


19/20/21st Sept

7pm to 9pm

 North Norfolk Landscapes with Lorraine Auton

Session 3

Inspired by Brian Ryder ROI FIEA, we will study a painting of the area and then use a muted colour scheme and a loose, painterly style to try to create our own acrylic version of this atmospheric piece.

Image by Brian Ryder ROI FIEA


26/27/28th Sept

7pm to 9pm

 Pumpkins and Conkers with Lorraine Auton

Session 4

Study the beautiful array of seasonal pods and seeds, from pumpkins, squash, conkers, berries, acorns, etc. 

Make your own still life arrangement from the collection and then portray it in any medium.


3/4/5th Oct

7pm to 9pm

 Winter Scene with Lorraine Auton

Session 6

Inspired by the work of Jos Albert.

We will try to identify why this striking image works and then, using any water-based paint, we will design and produce a reminiscent wintry scene of our own.

Image by Joss Albert


Oct 22nd

10:30am to 4:30pm

Copper Beech Workshop   with Lorraine Auton 

Using acrylic on canvas, create a rich, autumnal depiction of copper beech trees in a lustrous colour palette of bronzes and golds. Your work can then be finished off with metallic paints and metal leaf.

Maximum of 10 places. This workshop will suit most abilities.

All materials, a small canvas, a homemade lunch and hot drinks included.

Cost: £60

(£40 deposit required beforehand)


Nov 19th

10:30am to 4:30pm

Moongazing Hare Workshop   with Lorraine Auton 

Using acrylic on canvas, create an atmospheric piece by following a step-by-step guide to produce an illustration of a hare on a moonlit background.

Maximum of 10 places. This workshop will suit most abilities.

All materials, a small canvas, a homemade lunch and hot drinks included.

Cost: £60

(£40 deposit required beforehand)




Optional Weekend Event with Lorraine Auton


Meet at Norwich Castle Museum to sit and draw in the Natural History section (taxidermy specimens) whilst admiring the exceptionally well painted dioramas. Also hopefully having time for some tea / cake and a quick look through the Art Halls. Time / cost to be arranged.

Parental permission required if under 18.

Art classes with Lorraine Auton

I just wanted to say how much we have enjoyed your classes. Your encouragement and guidance has been just what I needed.... inspiring one 'to do better'.

A great group of like-minded people which contributed to the enjoyment of the evenings, not forgetting the welcome cuppa and chats.

Rita B.

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