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Here are some examples of my pet commissions


Colin from South Walsham, Norfolk

It is breathtakingly accurate. I can't begin to imagine how you transcend the obstacle of just painting a type of dog to getting such an incredible likeness of one particular dog.

It is truly amazing.

In a few years time, it will mean more to me even than it does now.

Commissioning a Pet Portrait

Contact Lorraine by email via the Contact page and give brief details of what you would like her to paint or sketch. She will contact you back by email or by phone if you provide a number.

You will need at least one very good quality photo of the image you would like her to create, before she can start.

Final cost depends on size of completed work, hours taken, type of image required i.e. painting or sketch; head only or full body; one or more pets on the same finished piece; framed, mounted or unframed. 

Once Lorraine knows what you want and has seen the photo(s), she will give an estimate of the price.

If you are not happy with the finished work you are under no obligation to buy it.

Jean from Dereham, Norfolk

I commissioned Lorraine to paint 5 of our dogs (past and present) on one picture. 

We were so thrilled with the result. They looked so real and brought back many happy memories for us.

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