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Hiring The Studio Above

Bookable sessions are for up to 4 hours and cost £25.

Setting up and clearing up must be completed within the session time.


Morning session (weekends only):  9am to 1pm

Afternoon session (weekends only):  1:30 to 5:30pm

Evening session (weekdays and weekends):  5:30 to 9:30pm


If you want longer than 4 hours then we can offer a whole day alternative for £50.


Whole day (weekends only):  9am to 5pm.

This is treated as two sessions.

We can also provide the following, if arranged in advance;

  • fresh filter coffee at £5 per jug (serves 6-10 small cups)

  • unlimited instant coffee, tea, milk and sugar at 50p per head, per session

  • cakes, biscuits, fruit etc. (charges vary, dependant on your request)


A £10 deposit is required at time of booking and is non-refundable unless the booking is cancelled by The Studio Above.


The Studio Above has Public Liability insurance but we advise that you arrange your own insurance to cover the session activity.

Session Booking Availability
Please get in touch via the Contact Us page with your suggested dates, times and any further information required for hiring The Studio Above and we will respond to this request as soon as we can.

Booking Instructions

Once we have agreed a provisional date and time for the booking with you, please download or print a booking form, complete it and send it to us via  or by post to The Studio Above address.

Once we have received the form / deposit, then the booking will be confirmed.

Terms and Conditions

Fire Regulations and Safety

  • This is strictly a NO SMOKING site.

  • A FIRST AID KIT is located upstairs in the wicker basket near the armchair.

  • There is a FOAM FIRE EXTINGUISHER located upstairs in the wicker basket near the armchair.

  • Fire exits are clearly labelled. These include the main exit plus the front and rear windows. Both the top and bottom catch need to be released together to fully open the windows. Please make your guests aware.

  • Do not obstruct the stairs.

  • We regret that we are unable to accommodate wheelchair access as the premises is sited upstairs.

  • There is limited head room in some areas due to the room being in the eaves

  • The floors are slightly uneven due to the age of the building

  • If using specialised equipment or materials, such as soldering irons, glass, needles, please fill in the appropriate section of the booking form. We advise that you are fully covered on your own insurance, have assessed your own risks and hold an up to date first aid certificate.

  • We do not allow hazardous materials on the premises.


The rooms will be clean, hygienic and ready for your use. Please make sure they are handed back in the same condition. Empty any bins used and remove refuse from the property. Dirty crockery etc. needs to be washed up or started on a dishwasher wash cycle. Please let us know if we need to unpack the dishwasher. Please leave any used dishcloths, tea towels, hand towels out so that we can wash them.

A £20 charge will be made for any extra cleaning required.


Shared Entrance

For the protection of staff and property, there is a CCTV camera recording the downstairs office area at all times .

Please take due care and ensure that no one interferes with the contents of these offices when passing through. 

All responsibility for this lies entirely with the hirer/leader.

Please vacate promptly, secure the building and hand over the keys as per your agreed instructions. 

Privacy Notice

The Studio Above collects specific personal data from hirers/leaders for communication, publicity/promotion and payment purposes only. This data will only include name, email address, phone number, biography, digital image(s) of work and BACS details if consent is given freely and unambiguously.

The legal grounds for holding and processing this data is for recording consent and legitimate interests for running the The Studio Above.

Contact details will only be passed on to third parties if consent has been given.

This data will be kept until it has been unused for a period of 24 months or until The Studio Above ceases to trade.

If a data breach occurs, those concerned will be informed within 24 hours of awareness of the incident.

The hirer/leader has the right at any time to;

  •  request a copy of all data held about them

  •  request that incorrect data is amended

  •  change their consent preferences

  •  erasure of some, or all, of the data held about them.

The Studio Above should comply with this request within 14 days.

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